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Silent Hiil 4- The Room’s Apartment Recreated in Unity Engine

It is interesting to see stuff like this be made by fans, especially when it is for a game (Silent Hill) that has been cancelled by the publisher (Konami).  The apartment from Silent Hill 4: The Room is pretty faithfully recreated in Unity by a small core group of indie developers.  This is not a game and would probably be shut down rather quickly if they attempted to flesh it out a bit.  What is here is a free roaming exploration of the iconic apartment, complete with nuance items like the chained up front door.

Before you go looking for the download link, this was a side project by Moonville Entertainment as they fiddled around with the Unity engine.  Sadly, due to fear of legal action by Konami, Moonville won’t be releasing this recreation to the public.  That means all we can do is check out the screens they made available and the exploration video that has been posted to Youtube.  Sad but that is life.

Silent Hill is a rather popular gaming series that Konami first released on the original Playstation console.  If you want to make modern gamers mad call it the Playstation One (which is technically correct since Sony did market it as the PSOne later in its life).  Silent Hill was Konami’s attempt at entering the survival horror/scary games segment that Capcom was running roughshod through with their Resident Evil series (also still going strong on modern consoles).  Silent Hill has hit many platforms, including Java based cell phones of the early 2000’s (it was a first person adventure game that required planning, thought and puzzle solving).

Another fanmake that we recently discussed here involved Mario from the Super Mario Bros series running around super realistic worlds.  This recreation was done using the Unreal 4 Engine and the article is available here.


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