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The Vectrex Goes to Hell with Doom Port

Doom, a title released in 1993, was never intended to be playable on something like the Vectrex but thanks to homebrew developers, it is.  This is what happens homebrew developers decide they want to see if something is possible.  The demo shown off doesn’t have enemies implemented yet and the graphics are, obviously, low quality but the ambience still pervades.  It is hard to watch and not sit and imagine the actual levels playing out in front of you.  This version of Doom is called “Voom”, probably borrowing the “V” from the Vectrex.  What is shown off is most of the first level of Doom, minus a few things such as barrels and enemies and doors and textures.  Well you get the idea.

This is not a perfect port, nor is it complete, but is being worked on.  As mentioned in the article for the video on Youtube, this is not a standard Vectrex game, there is some cheating going on but nothing is detailed.  What is shown in the video is 100% authentic Vectrex gameplay, on editing to make it look better.  The tricks in use are probably memory cheats of some sort that will hinder the future development of Voom, unfortunately.

Doom is a title that has been ported to many platforms, both officially and by homebrew developers.  This is partly thanks to id Software releasing the source code to the engine (but not the game resources such as graphics and sound) so that game programmers can mod, edit and fool around with it.

As development continues on Voom I will do my best to bring the updates to you.  It is just too good a game to not discuss when it appears somewhere new.  Do you know of a cool Doom port that we should cover here on RGM?  Let us know in the comments or via the contact link above.

Source: Youtube

Carl Williams

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