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1983 Game, Labyrinth of Crete, Fixed by Fans in 2015

When you discuss game hacks most people will think of that one time that they played a hack of Super Mario Bros that had Sonic instead of Mario.  Or they will think of gamers playing illegally obtained copies on a ton of different hardware (Nintendo games on Sony – which almost happened – for instance).  There is another side of game hacking, that which brings improvements to classics.  Take Labyrinth of Crete for the Commodore 64, the original by Adventure International is beyond broken- more so than Superman 64 ever could even dream of being broken.  The original Labyrinth of Crete was an impossible to complete mess of a game that was nothing but frustration for those unfortunate enough to bring it home and load it in their Commodore 64’s 1541 disk drive.  A sad state of affairs that such an incomplete game would be released commercially.  Now, over 30 years later, some fans have fixed Labyrinth of Crete so that it is not only playable but also capable of being beaten.  Fairly.

Based on Greek mythology (long before God of War) players are tasked with recovering the Golden Fleece.  Not such a monumental task you think, right?  Well, it was taken into the labyrinth of Crete (hence the title) and it has not been seen for a long time- no one knows exactly where it is in the maze.  The adventure is relayed through a graphical text adventure engine that will challenge your wits and your knowledge alike.

This new version of Labyrinth of Crete is being touted as a 101% version.  In a unique partnership between TRIAD and Genesis Project, Labyrinth of Crete has been repaired, nearly beyond recognition.  The graphics, underlying code and even the copy protection (the main culprit in breaking the original) has been fixed.  This is not a simple task, certainly not one to be taken lightly since there is a ton of work represented in this release of Labyrinth of Crete.

Source: Indie Retro News

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