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Shardlight is a New Point and Click Adventure Title by Wadjet Eye Games Update

Earlier today, Wadjet Eye Games updated their Shardlight photo album on Facebook with 10 new photos of the game.  The pics show off various new sections, possible new characters and new settings we can expect in the final game.  Also, the release date is now listed as late 2015, still in line with previous reports that it would be released in the second half of 2015.  Wadjet EyeGames continue their dominance of the point and click adventure genre with Shardlight which will be available for Windows.

The setting of Shardlight is the usual dystopian future that we have become accustomed to in Wadjet titles (and many others).  Apparently at some point in the past bombs were dropped and civilization became a nightmare, to say the least.  Disease, hunger and of course death have become normal everyday problems that humans face, some fare better than others.  Something is up with the ruling government who have an iron clast grasp on the population, resources and everything in life (think George Orwell’s 1984 but 10 times worse).  One person has come across vital information that could change the future and destroy the present as she knows it.  You are that person.Wadjet_Games_Shardlight_adventure_Point_click_post_apocalyptic_PC_windows (2)

Shardlight looks pretty sweet and the new pics show off parts of the lush government buildings and the slums that the citizens are expected to live in.  The lighting in the game shots is nice, reflections in key areas add to the aura that the developer is going for and there is an overall pixelly “gritty” feel to the non-government areas that works quite well.  If the other Wadjet titles are any indication, Shardlight will be a quality release that we will see available on various online digital distribution services such as Steam and the Wadjet Eye Games website.

Source: Wadjet Eye Games Facebook Shardlight album for more images

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