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Fans to Port Minecraft to Amstrad CPC, With Your Help

Minecraft, the little block breaking/building game that Microsoft decided was worth quite a bit of money is getting an, obviously, unofficial port to the Amstrad CPC.  This is not endorsed by Microsoft, and likely to be shut down once they find out about it, so don’t go bugging them to find out the release date.  What is here is rather basic, not just because the platform is not all that powerful but also because this is an early build of the game- AmsCraft.  Right off the bat, the game is not a first person point of view 3D, instead it is a ¾ overhead angled view (similar to Zaxxon, Paperboy and many other games).

An indie developer named “lachlank” is the person behind this work in progress.  According to Indie Retro News, AmsCraft is written in C using SDCC/CPCTelera in combination with an assembler to handle the blocks.  If you know what all of that means, and you are interested in helping out with AmsCraft then please get in touch with lachlank.  Lachlank is currently working on the player character and the immediate play area.  Contributions from the community are greatly appreciated and needed if this is going to see fruition any time soon, or at all.

This is a work in progress demake that is interesting on many levels.  For retrogaming fans it is, eventually going to be, a new game to enjoy and for fans of Minecraft, it could be cool to see it in even less detail.  Don’t expect to see a calculator or Pac-Man created in this version though like they are in the original Minecraft.

Personally, I am not a fan of Minecraft, I have never really understood the allure this game offers.  It is weird because I have no problem playing other sandbox style games like Simcity.  For those that are fans of Minecraft though, here is AmsCraft, release date unknown.

Source: Indie Retro News

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