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Guile’s Theme Goes with Vinyl and CD as Street Fighter II Music Hits Retro Music Formats

Music has been one area of gaming that is sometimes overlooked.  From the days of the Atari 2600 to recent times, gaming music is not the recipient of nearly the budget that graphics receives.  Gaming music is still integral to the way gamers feel about a game, mostly in a subtle subconscious manner, music sets the mood.  Without music in games the mood is destroyed and that puts even more work on the shoulders of the graphics to set the mood (it can work out but it is tough).  Imagine playing Resident Evil (any of them) or Mega Man without the music on- you still have a fun game but it is “different” in a way that is hard to put your finger on.  For those still rocking a vinyl record player, or a CD player, you will soon be able to relive your favorite gaming memories through a new Street Fighter II music release.

As part of the Generations Series by Brave Wave Music, Street Fighter II Official Soundtrack will definitely pull on the old nostalgia strings.  This music release will feature remasters from the CPS-1 and CPS-2 hardware and has the endorsement of Yoko Shimomura- the original composer of Street Fighter II music.  That is quite an achievement and will definitely give a nice level of authenticity to this release (this is not being done by fans in a garage).

Polygon writer Matt Leone and Yoko Shimomura will provide liner notes for the double album release.  All artwork is sourced directly from Capcom so fans will know it is official and quite good.  There will be limited edition translucent vinyl records made available to Capcom when Street Fighter II Official Soundtrack is released.

This being our first piece on gaming music, let us know if you want more like it.  Share, comment, tweet, like whatever.  We pay attention to the stats to see what is popular, and provide more of it, so do your thing readers!

Source: Retrocollect


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