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From Cartoon to Game 2 of 6- The Raccoons

This is a personal favorite of mine, it is a niche title that most reading this will probably not know about. For those that do not know about The Raccoons, you need to check it out below. The show follows Bert Raccoon and his antics in the forest. Bert is not alone in the forest, that would make for a boring show, he ahs Ralph and Melissa Raccoon (his roommates and friends) and a host of other characters, both good and bad. The main bad guy is an aardvark who also happens to be a millionaire named Cyril Sneer (80’s villains had to have clear bad guy names). Cyril’s place in the show is based on his greed which requires the forest to be cut down and the wood sold for money, increasing his net worth, everyone else be damned.

Episodes revolved around Bert fumbling through and defeating Cyril’s antics in different ways. The show generally featured a pro environment theme and all of this can easily be transferred to a game, if only someone had tried.

Raccoons_Sly_Cooper_Cartoon_Game_3D_adventure_Disney (2)Take the Sly Cooper engine and play style and keep art style but swap out everything for Raccoons stuff. That is basically the idea here. Bert could be trying to infiltrate Cyril’s fortress of a castle after traversing the forest, towns and other locales defeating enemies.

The Raccoons is a series that would work in a game if done right. There is not a lot of material to work with but it could still be used to push some life lessons without beating gamers over the head with it.Sly_Cooper_Playstation_retro_adventure

Post Mortem:
The Raccoons has been re-released on DVD several times though only one complete version is available. The only complete box set is available in Germany and it only has a German soundtrack which sucks if, you know, you don’t speak German.

Cartoon to Game #1: Jem and the Holograms is available here

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