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Furry RPG is a New Super Nintendo Role Playing Game Currently in Development

New games for classic consoles are usually just hacks of previously released titles, occasionally we get an all new game.  Furry RPG is just that, a brand new game that will be powered by a Mode 7 heavy engine that is also all new.  Ramsis on the forums is the person handling this new title (I think he is still looking for a pixel artist).  Ramsis is already pushing the envelope with Furry RPG as there is a very good chance that it will be MSU-1 compatible.  That means the music is going to be amazing, or at least has the potential to be as long as the source material rocks.  What is available so far shows great promise as Furry RPG is slowly taking shape.

Role playing games are some of the most popular titles on the 16-Bit Super Nintendo console.  Back in the day though, they were not exactly burning up the sales charts- sure Final Fantasy III sold well and Chrono Trigger is remembered fondly, the genre as a whole was not all the well respected by fans back then.  When Final Fantasy VII hit the Sony Playstation though, things changed and used game prices on titles like Final Fantasy III went through the roof.  An influx of new fans brought with them plenty of money and retrogaming stores were more than willing to price things accordingly.

With Furry RPG we are seeing the development of the first new role playing game for the Super Nintendo in nearly 20 years (Super Mario RPG was the last RPG for SNES to see release in mid 1996).  This is a major milestone we are watching as it develops.  The only thing that would be cooler is if Elysian Shadows somehow finds its way to the Super Nintendo also.

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