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Half-Life and Quake 2 Engine Ported to Atari Falcon, Work in Progress with Video

Retrogaming fans are a crafty lot.  They have ported games to Doom to an ATM machine for instance.  We have seen demakes, we have seen remakes and everything in between.  Now, we have a work in progress for the IdTech #2 (Quake 2 Engine) running on an old Atari Falcon- a computer that was released in 1992.  For those not keeping track, that is about five years before Quake 2 was released and Half-Life was released in 1998.  As you can see from those dates, the Atari Falcon is probably WAY underpowered to be doing this, but it is as evidenced by that handy dandy video below.  Remember, the Atari Falcon is a computer that is running a 16 Mhz Motorola CPU 68030 with about 14 megabytes of random access memory (RAM).  Sure, there is a DSP chip in this computer too which is presumably assisting in the processing that is going on but still, this is a 23 year old computer running a much newer than that game that would make many computers from 1998 choke.

Douglas Little, programmer that has been pounding the keyboard for quite a while, is the mastermind behind this port.  Mr. Little created a game called BadMooD- a new version of Doom for the, you guessed it, Atari Falcon computer.  Dude has some serious skill at getting way newer games working on hardware that probably should not even be capable of doing so.

The Atari Falcon was Atari’s last computer, ever.  Prior to the Falcon Atari was quite prolific in both consoles and computers.  The Falcon featured a Motorola CPU coupled with a Motorola Digital Signal Processor (DSP) chip.  Released in late 1992, and discontinued later the following year, the Atari Falcon simply did not have enough time to catch on with fans nor gain much support from developers and publishers.

The Atari Falcon was continued by C-Lab who produced music creation equipment.  Hackers have done quite a bit with the Atari Falcon computer, everything from overclocking the CPU to add-on hardware that expands the capabilities beyond what Atari ever fathomed.

Quake II and Half-Life are first person shooter titles that were popular in the later part of the 90’s.  Both are still popular with hackers and the modding community with bots, levels and more being made all of the time.  For retrogaming fans you can get versions of both for the Sega Dreamcast and other choice retro systems.

Source: Retrogaming History

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