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Legend of Zelda 3rd Quest Being Developed by Fans

Ah, the classic Nintendo 64 Zelda games were quite interesting, they were the first foray into the 3D realm for the franchise and for many, they were system sellers.  Fans showed enough support for these two 64-Bit games that Nintendo re-released them on the Gamecube (and later the Virtual Console).  Now a group of fans are working on a third quest, affectionately titled- Legend of Zelda the Third Quest (following Legend of Zelda: Master Quest on the Nintendo Gamecube).  What is cool about this is, well, it is Zelda and it is being handled by fans of the series that want to see more, not people trying to take Nintendo properties and sell them.

Currently known as “Project Third Quest”, this fan made mod is based on Zelda: Ocarina of Time.  This means that fans will be right at home with the controls, the graphics and sounds probably won’t all of a sudden take a leap forward either.  What this means for those of us that are probably new to the whole 3D Zelda thing is that it is simply more of the same, so far.  That can be good or bad, depending on your point of view on Zelda.

Judging by the available video, this is going to be quite an interesting little release- if Nintendo doesn’t send them a cease and desist letter that is.  This is a possibility as Nintendo has done this in the past with similar projects (Pokemon MMO, Metroid fan film, etc).

Another interesting Nintendo property that recently got placed in a new environment by fans was Mario.  Mario was melded with the Unreal 4 Engine by fans.   There you go readers, another Nintendo property getting a new lease on life thanks to fans, do you want more like this?  Share, tweet, comment – whatever you have to do, let us know you want more and we will bring it to you.

Source: Retrocollect

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