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Is It Time for Mario to Return to Computers (Mario running in Unreal 4 Engine)?

It is not all that often that Nintendo lets their lead franchises out to play on other platforms other than Nintendo bred ones.  We saw this happen in the 80’s in Japan when Hudson Soft released a Super Mario Bros on the PC-88.  We also saw it happen with the CD-i when Philips released versions of Zelda and Mario for their failed full motion video machine.  We also saw it with a couple of education games by The Software Toolworks for various platforms.  While Nintendo has let Mario out to other developers from time to time, I want to focus on that first one, the PC game.  Why?  Because I think it is time that Mario comes back to PC gaming.  Why the hell would Nintendo do that?  Watch the Mario in Unreal 4 video, below, and tell me that you wouldn’t want to see an official Mario game using this engine on PC.

Okay, now that you have had time to catch on that that is not the Unreal 4 engine video, but the PC-88 one by Hudson, we can discuss the problems with it.  First, that version kind of looks like it play stupid.  I understand there are limitations with the hardware and such but come on, this borders on “why bother”.  It is rumored that Nintendo was so unhappy with this port that they decided not to allow anyone else to license Mario for an action game like what is available on the consoles.  Way to ruin an amazing opportunity there Hudson Soft (now Konami).

Now onto the real video that you are here for, and the one that made me write this article.

That looks pretty freaking awesome and it is done by a fan with stock items in the Unreal 4 Engine program.  Imagine if Nintendo would take the time to put some real money behind something like this.  I mean, look at the snow levels, the caves and that castle in the video- all pretty sweet looking.  Nintendo could really rock this and make millions of fans happy (and put more than a few coins in their pockets).

What are the chances of Nintendo releasing a Mario game on PC’s?  Probably pretty slim as they are quite content in using Mario to push sales of their own hardware.  I do think that if they were to release a Mario game on PC’s then they probably should focus on certain hardware (even, gasp, Macintosh only) so that they can limit the incompatibility problems that PC gamers know all too well.

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Carl Williams

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