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Send the Evil Back to Hell in Odallus for Windows

Alright, action adventure titles are not exactly all the rage on personal computers.  At least they are not nearly as popular on PC’s as they are on consoles.  This could be for many reasons, I like to think it is just the misconception of what types of games PC users are into.  Odallus is one more title in the 2D side scrolling action adventure genre that is squarely in the “pixel”, aka “retro”, look.  For some, this is a definite turn off, for others it is a reminder of simpler times, just a new adventure.  Joy Masher claim inspiration for Odallus comes from classics such as Ghosts n Goblins, Demon’s Crest and Castlevania.  That is quite a selection of titles to pull inspiration from. 

Odallus is an IndieGoGo success story.  This means the fans have spoken they want to see Odallus to fruition, and judging by the screen shots and videos available, I can see why.  The story is not anything to really write home about (are there any games that truly have a riveting story?) but that is fine, action adventure games usually relegate that to the manual with sparse dialogue interspersed throughout the game.Odallus_retrogaming_retro_Cadash_Mystic_Defender_Ghosts_Goblins_Demons_Crest_Castlevania (3)

For those that want to know, and I have to fill 400+ words, here is the story of Odallus.  The great warrior is tired and returns to the beautiful green fields of his home village.  The great warrior is returning home, thinking his battle days are behind him, he is tired and spent from years of battle after battle.  Those once green lands are being besieged by a Dark Lord and his evil minions.  Everyone living in the village has been murdered in cold blood.  The Dark Lord is looking for the Ultimate Power and he won’t let anyone, or anything, stand in his way, not even a once great warrior.

What follows is some interesting 2D sidescrolling action adventuring that is quite reminiscent of Cadash, at least in graphics.  The levels feature multi-scrolling backgrounds and enemies that are relentless and varied.  It appears the graphics of Odallus are somewhere around early Sega Genesis- Mystic Defender-ish.  Not super detailed but enough to get the point across that you are fighting a skeleton rather than a blob of pixels that the game tells you is a skeleton.  You won’t be writing home about the graphics but they are good enough for what Odallus is trying to do- be a spiritual successor to some classic titles.Odallus_retrogaming_retro_Cadash_Mystic_Defender_Ghosts_Goblins_Demons_Crest_Castlevania (2)

Head over to for more on Odallus and to grab the demo.

Source: Indie Games

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