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Rampage Through Time Lets You Let Loose with Your Inner Animosity Towards History – Today in History – June 9th, 2000

The Rampage series of games is one of a storied history.  The original was well received, and ported to quite a few platforms, but the sequels have been hit or miss.  Mostly miss but that did not stop Midway Games from trying to milk the series drier than Capcom has done with the Street Fighter series.  The big difference between those two games is that the Street Fighter series still holds a bit of esteem, the Rampage games have almost but completely lost any, if they had it in the first place.  On the Playstation, 15 years ago today, Rampage Through Time tried to reinvigorate the fans. 

The events of Rampage Through Time come shortly after the ending to Rampage: Universal Tour.  The world is in a great shambles and the remaining people are trying their best to rebuild civilization.  One solution that no one saw any problem with is conceived which involves time travel- after all, the best way to accomplish a task today is to send a crew into the past to have it already started.  The problem with this line of thinking is the simple fact that the monsters, accompanied by Harley the Warthog, have returned to Earth and happen to find their way into the time machine.  This opens up the whole of history to the antics of the monsters, hence the name – Rampage Through Time.

In a weird effort to expand the selection of action in a Rampage title, Rampage Through Time features various time zones each consisting of four levels.  That fourth level is a competition similar to the others but this time the action is confined in a recreation of a classic title (Asteroids, Breakout, etc).  This is rather weird but it could break up the monotony of the whole Rampage thing.  There isn’t really a lot that can be done to make this series better, it is what it is and as long as they are making their money back on it, there will be another sooner or later.

Rampage has appeared on plenty of consoles over the years from the Nintendo Entertainment System to the Nintendo 64 (curiously, 16-Bit consoles were skipped).  There are plenty of versions of Rampage available for consoles and computers alike.  If you are interested in grabbing a Rampage title we have a handy (sponsored) Ebay link below (that supports RGM when you make a purchase).

Carl Williams

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