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Field of Miracles, Popular Russian Television Show is coming to the Sega Mega Drive

Alright retrogaming fans we have another Sega Mega Drive, aka Sega Genesis here in the States, title coming out of Russia.  Continuing our search the globe over for new games we have found news about a new game named Field of Miracles.  Field of Miracles is a Russian television show that would definitely fit in well with fans of Wheel of Fortune (sans Pat Sajak).  There is a wheel that is spun till it stops on a value of some sort and the contestant, depending on it being a positive tile, guesses either a letter or the puzzle.  Sounds pretty simple so far right?

The graphics are about what you would expect from a DOS game, which Field of Miracles on the Sega Mega Drive is a port from.  The proceedings are pretty similar to Wheel of Fortune in that you take turns with other players in an attempt to be the first to guess the puzzle.  There is not a lot of things going on in the pictures that I can deduce detailing what round they are on (I don’t speak Russian) or what the prizes may be, at least implemented so far in the game.  The television show is a different story.

The television show plays out a lot like Wheel of Fortune, there is a pretty lady that plays the part of Vanna White.  The proceedings are quite interesting (read wild) compared to what we have on television here in the United States.  The puzzles are certainly harder than what we see on Wheel of Fortune, even harder if you are not able to read/speak Russian.

The prizes that are being played for are also quite different than what we see on Wheel of Fortune.  On Field of Miracles the winner is given prize choices such as an upright vacuum, a four pound box of Tide detergent, a 12 cup Mr. Coffee maker or locally recognized stuff such as a sugar bowl and other pieces of pottery dressed up in familiar Russian colors.  Yes, those are prizes on one of the shows, according to the LA Times article on Field of Miracles.

This is an interesting release for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive since it is primarily in Russian.  I wonder if there will be any fan translators out there that will step in and make an English version of this game?

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