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Two New Shooters on Track for Release on Sega Dreamcast – Ghost Blade and Redux 2

First up, for those screaming foul on the title to this article- Ghost Blade is back on track as a new programmer has been found that can handle the remaining work.  Ghost Blade is an overhead scrolling shooter in the style of Mars Matrix and other bullet hell style shooters that are popular for some reason.  Me, I prefer my shooters to have some semblance of strategy to them other than “avoid the millions of bullets coming your way”.  Anyhow, a new game is a new game and Ghost Blade, when it releases around September of this year, will be a new game- a new game that most people are either ecstatic for or are tired of hearing about.  Redux 2 is “the other” style shooter, a side scrolling affair similar to the classics such as Thunder Force III, Gradius, etc.

Both Ghost Blade and Redux 2 are HuCast original titles for the Sega Dreamcast.  Ghost Blade, as mentioned above, is due in September after a bit of a delay.  Redux 2 is coming sometime next year, no exact date is known for either at this time.

Redux 2 will reportedly feature seven levels based around locales such as temple ruins, tech vaults and even alternate dimension stages (whatever those could be, hopefully not just mirrored versions).  Redux 2 is the official sequel to Redux which was an edited release of the original Dux which featured rather dark graphics.  Whew.  Yeah, all of that.

HuCast Games has promised, in their article making these announcements, which they promise to provide regular updates “from now on”.  I have to assume that means till these games are released.  That is great news for fans of these two new shooters, and for us here at Retro Gaming Magazine as we will do our best to provide up to date information on any new developments.

Source: Retrocollect

If you missed the original Redux head over toto grab a copy and get ready!

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