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Mystery of Oak Island Kickstarter is a Success

The creators of Zak McKracken Between Time and Space, Visionaire Studios, are working on their next game, Mystery of Oak Island.  Our friends over at Indie Retro News covered Zak McKracken Between Space and Time here, for those interested in knowing more about it.  That Zak McKracken title slipped under my radar (there are only so many hours in the day) but it looks pretty awesome.  That is why I am so excited over Mystery of Oak Island as it is being handled by the same team.  That and I am harboring a huge interest in the whole Oak Island mystery- there is something going on there with the “money pit”.

For those that don’t know about Oak Island, located in Nova Scotia Canada, it is the location of a hole in the ground known as the “money pit”.  How did this hole get the name money pit?  Well, for many decades people have been spending tons of money to get to the bottom of the pit that is rumored, due to a tablet, to be the home of untold treasures.  This is interesting on many levels for a lot of people that seem to have more money than sense.  For one, it is interesting because in this day and age there are fewer and fewer true mysteries in the world.  Second, that whole “untold treasures” part of the description really pulls at the old purse strings.

Visionaire Studios are pulling from their classic roots for Mystery of Oak Island.  Fans of the good old trusty point and click adventure title will be right at home with Mystery of Oak Island.  Mystery of Oak Island is being created using the Visionaire Engine, a proprietary adventure engine that goes above and beyond similar, free, engines that are available.Mystery_Oak_Island_Adventure_Visionaire_Point_clicK_retro (1)

As mentioned in the title of this article, Mystery of Oak Island has already met their minimum goal of $15,000 in funding.  Now, the funding project will go onto the various stretch goals that are set at particular financial levels.  The tiers are available on the Kickstarter project page but it is interesting to note that French and Spanish translations are the second highest tier while mobile and tablet support is the highest at the moment.  I do hope that our Spanish and French speaking/reading readers will be able to enjoy Mystery of Oak Island, and it could happen as there are still over 15 days before funding closes.

Source: Indie Retro News

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