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Metroid to Receive Unofficial Prequel, Rogue Dawn, on Nintendo Entertainment System

To say that Metroid is a big name title for Nintendo is quite the understatement.  Metroid, while originally not a system seller, became just that by the time we saw the 16-Bit iteration and even on the Gamecube fans were still extremely interested in the adventures of Samus Aran.  Metroid: Rogue Dawn is a game hack work in progress that uses the original Nintendo Entertainment System game as its base.  Along with the MMC3 mapper, Metroid: Rogue Dawn expands and adds to the festivities.

Some of the more interesting things that we can expect out of this upcoming game release include a wall jump, improved graphics, a save function, in-game map and brand new music.  That is a lot of new things for a game hack.  Graphically, Metroid: Rogue Dawn is much improved over the original release.  Retrocollect have mentioned that the graphics in Metroid: Rogue Dawn are akin to what you might expect from the Super Nintendo.  I wouldn’t go that far but they are definitely better than most of the Nintendo Entertainment System games that we saw back in the day.

The animation on the main character in the preview video above is quite “interesting”.  It needs work that is for sure.  What is interesting is the shading that has been implemented in the level art work.  It is similar to the shading that Sunsoft put into the original Batman release on the Nintendo NES.  This helps set the mood of dismay and disorientation of being on an alien planet, lost so to speak.  Things are just dark and dreary and menacing, just what the doctor ordered for this type of game- and hard to pull off on the NES.

All in all, Metroid: Rogue Dawn is definitely worthy of being on your watch list.

Source: Retrocollect

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