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Silent Hill Lives on in Half Life 2 through Alchemilla Mod with Oculus Rift Option

Silent Hill is one of those franchises that appeared during the 32-Bit Sony Playstation days that simply has not died, at least till recently.  Konami recently announced that the new Silent Hill title is more than likely not going to see the light of day (in Silent Hill, was there really any light?).  The horror franchise that spawned a bit of media expansion for Konami, something their other titles failed at doing for the most part, is probably only going to live on in mods created by fans, as long as Konami doesn’t go and start sending out cease and desist letters (which they are legally entitled to do).  Silent Hill: Alchemilla though, this is something unique that homebrew developers have created using the Source engine.  This homebrew release goes where fans never knew they really wanted the series to go- the Oculus Rift.

The first obstacle that the team at White Noise, who are behind Silent Hill: Alchemilla, had to overcome was getting the atmosphere correct.  Any gamer that is a fan of horror games knows that if the atmosphere is “off” even by a tiny bit, the whole game simply doesn’t work.  Judging by the available media, Alchemilla fits right in with the original material created by Konami.  What fans know this means is there is a literal ton of fog in this game.  Not fog like that which plagued many Nintendo 64 racing games either but actual voluminous cloud based fog that helps set the mood just right.

Silent Hill: Alchemilla is free to download for Macintosh and Windows gamers.  You will need a source game, presumably Half Life 2, and a decent PC to run this mod as everything is upped to the 11th notch on a scale of one to ten.  Macintosh owners can try out the Oculus Rift version (lucky gamers, you).

Head over to to grab this mod.

Source: Indie Retro News

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