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Twist It is a New Sega Dreamcast Game that Mixes Magical Drop Game Play with Fantasy Theme

Sega leaving the Dreamcast open to hackers by going for protection via proprietary disc formats opened the console up to life after commercial death.  While this is the main reason a lot of people feel the system failed (piracy) it is also the reason we are getting games like Magical Drop, er, Twist It and the whole OpenBOR subset of games to name a couple.  If Magical Drop went through a Game of Thrones makeover it might look like Twist It (man, I wish they would get a new name).

There is not a lot of information available on Twist It other than basic release information and the fact that it is similar to Magical Drop.  Right now, Twist It is purportedly in the early beta stages with a planned release sometime this year.Twist_It_Homebrew_Magical_Drop_Sega_Dreamcast_SD_Card (2)

Twist It will be available in two formats- SD card and CD version.  It is interesting that the developer is looking to release on an SD card as an option.  This is a new format that has only recently been readily available for fans to use but has not exactly been that well supported by publishers of homebrew.  So far, Twist It is the first homebrew release to use the SD card option, maybe more publishers will use it in the future.  The reason for offering an SD card version is that this will allow the game to be updated in the future with more content (it is not currently known how CD version owners will receive expansions).Twist_It_Homebrew_Magical_Drop_Sega_Dreamcast_SD_Card (3)

There will be several versions of Twist It available ranging from regular to a boxed deluxe edition.  Below is a breakdown of what is in each.

Regular Edition: SD card and will be €39.95
CD Edition: Same as SD card edition but will be €24.95
Limited Edition: Extra packaging, posters and art book for €99.95 Limited to 250 pieces
Deluxe Box: Limited edition stuff plus handmade arcade stick limited to 50 pieces

There is no word on what version will be included in the Limited Edition or Deluxe box (CD or SD Card) or if the buyer will have a choice.

Head over to Project Firestorm for more info on Twist It for Sega Dreamcast.

Carl Williams

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3 Responses to “Twist It is a New Sega Dreamcast Game that Mixes Magical Drop Game Play with Fantasy Theme”

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  2. Berto Yulianto says:

    Couldn’t open Project Firestorm’s site. Is the game got cancelled or just the website’s down?

    • Carl Williams says:

      It seems their site is indeed down. Not sure what this means though. Hopefully just that they are having site problems. If I can find out anything I will make it available.

      Thanks for the heads up.

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