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First Game for Retro Video Game System Announced, First Screenshot Here

The Retro Video Game System is an interesting enigma in gaming right now.  Interesting because it us purported to be a new console using the Atari Jaguar molds (the Atari name/insignia will be removed) but no one, outside of the core team, knows much of anything about it.  We do know that Collectorvision are working on the pack-in title, with Gamester81/John Lester leading the public relations charge.  Now, just over an hour ago, we got access to the first screenshot of the first game and the name of that game to boot.

Adventures of the Tiny Knight is the name of the first game coming to the Retro Video Game System.  Collectorvision’s John Lester released the first photo on his Instagram/Facebook page just over an hour ago (see below).  Judging by this single screenshot we can ascertain some of the basic prowess that will be under the hood of the Retro Video Game System when it launches.


Before we analyze the screenshot let’s be clear about something.  The pack-in game is the first title for a console and judging by historical cases I stand firm in stating that the pack-in title is not the best example of what can come later.  Who reading this could look at Altered Beast on the Sega Genesis and know the power of Street Fighter II, Sonic 3 or Vectorman that would come later?  You can’t.  Look at Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo then look at a later title such as Super Metroid and tell me that you honestly could tell the true power of the SNES based on Super Mario World.

Judging by the detail of the lone screenshot for Adventure of the Tiny Knight I would put the early graphical prowess between the Sega Genesis and the Turbo Grafx-16.  That is not saying that later on we won’t see games that push the Neo Geo style graphics, it could happen.

That brings me to another point a lot are wondering about with the Retro Video Game System.  Cartridges.  Some, mostly on the Retro VGS Facbook page, are complaining about cartridges and wondering why the Retro VGS is not using CD-ROM or flash media.  Simple.  Could Super Mario 3 or Castlevania III be done on the Nintendo Entertainment System if it had used CD-ROM?  Nope.  What about Star Fox on SNES or Virtua Racing on the Sega Genesis?  Nope again.  Why?  Because those games use special add-on chips to allow the host console to do more than it was initially intended to do.  There is that option with the Retro VGS, the option to do add-on chips and other necessities later on that will allow more to be done with the system.

Until we know more about the Retro VGS, check out the screenshot and wait, like the rest of us.

Source: John Lester Facebook

Carl Williams

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10 Responses to “First Game for Retro Video Game System Announced, First Screenshot Here”

  1. I love retro games, but this seems like silly nostalgia to me. Why artificially limit the platform to ancient hardware specs? I suppose it makes sense to a certain set of the potential fanbase, but it’s already lost me. Using the Atari Jaguar molds is just plain bizarre.

    Ah well, best of luck to the developers!

    • Carl Williams says:

      I can’t really disagree with you there, Wizard. Your points are valid. It remains to be seen if this gamble will pay off for RETRO or not.

  2. Guy Incognito says:

    Nobody will make games for this, if they want to make a retro game they’ll just do it on an SNES or Mega Drive.

    • Carl Williams says:

      As you can see in this article, which links to places names are dropped, I had to redact the names of many companies that are purported to be involved with this console. After reaching out to the companies named I was asked to not name them in connection with the RETRO VGS. That is not a good sign in anyone’s book.

      I have to agree with you, for the most part those that are interested in making “retro” style games they will simply do it on extremely well documented genuine retro hardware.

      It remains to be seen if the companies that the spokesman for this console has named will materialize and produce games. I keep remembering the announcements for the CD-i, 3DO, Atari Jaguar, Amiga CD32 and others where over 100 companies were named as making games for them. When launches came and went, maybe 3 to 5 of those previously named companies actually produced anything.

      • Guy Incognito says:

        and that Jaguar shell………….

        There’s alot of iffy things about this console.

        • Carl Williams says:

          Yes, there is. It still remains to be seen how this pans out when they launch their Kickstarter for it. This might be huge or it might be a huge flop. From my experience behind the scenes with purported devs all I can really say is, did you know the Master System is getting new games?

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