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Bruce Lee Gets New Sega Master System Game

The Sega Master System was not a complete failure, it did sell more than the Pioneer LaserActive and the Nintendo Virtual Boy.  That is like bragging about coming in third from last but it is not last, right?  Anyhow, a new game is in development for the classic Sega console, a game based on Bruce Lee of all people.  Bruce Lee is a celebrity that has not had all that much success in gaming, even though there have been several attempts over the last couple of decades.  This homebrew release for Sega’s failed console is a re-imagining of an earlier computer port, probably the best Bruce Lee game but that is not saying a lot.

The Master System had a lot of action games released for it from the various Alex Kidd games to the different Wonder Boy games, the SMS was well represented in this category.  Even though Sega released Shinobi and Alex Kidd in Shinobi World, there was a serious lack of action games using ninjas or martial arts movie stars.  This port of the 1984 Commodore 64 game is looking to correct that.  Besides, who better to kick butt on the Sega Master System than Bruce Lee himself?Bruce_Lee_Sega_Master_System_retro_retrogame_retrogaming_8-Bit (2)

Recently the team over at Indie Retro News covered the release of Bruce Lee II for computers.  Both the unofficial sequel and this remake of the original are 2D side scrolling action adventure games using the martial arts movie star as the focal point.  What is awesome about the Sega Master System game is that it looks like an early Sega Genesis title, not an 8-Bit game.  Had Sega been putting out games that looked this good, and not totally goofed on the marketing of their 8-Bit console. Bruce_Lee_Sega_Master_System_retro_retrogame_retrogaming_8-Bit (3)

The full version was just released over on SMS Power so go grab it and just enjoy the game.  Cool games should be enjoyed by fans.

Source: Indie Retro News

Carl Williams

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6 Responses to “Bruce Lee Gets New Sega Master System Game”

  1. Timoti Bel says:

    Hey just to let you know that you can now play it online here: 😉

  2. James says:

    3rd from last? Obviously has no clue about the subject matter

  3. NAUER says:

    Sega’s failed console? I feel you are talking from USA or Japan, because in Europe and South America Master System isn’t a failure. And compare it with Virtual Boy, really?

    – Some information from Wikipedia about Master System:

    Japan: 1 million (as of 1986)
    United States: 2 million (as of 1993)
    Europe: 6.8 million (estimated as of December 1993)
    Brazil: 8 million (as of 2016)

    – Virtual Boy worldwide: 770,000 units sold

    Hate is only for kids, not for experts in gaming. A real gamer love all systems.

    Have a nice day.

    • Neil Reive says:

      We said the SMS “was not a complete failure”. That can be misread as “failure” when it wasn’t. Yeah, the SMS did great in some areas.

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