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Swing Copters Ported to the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer Console by Homebrew Developer

The 3DO, a console that promised so much but delivered so little, had a lions roar but the bite of a kitten.  While that attempt at a console gaming standard has failed (there were a handful of manufacturers for the console) its legacy lives on thanks to homebrew developers.  While Dong Nyugen is better known for his Flappy Bird game, he did make a return to gaming after a somewhat short hiatus.  His follow up game was Swing Copters, available on iOS and Android, and thanks to homebrew developer “blabla”, now it is available for the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer console.  The interesting thing about this port is how long it took to actually create, which is a testament to programming on the 3DO.

Three days.  Blabla created this port in three days.  That raises the question “why don’t we see more 3DO games then?”  Probably due to the obscurity of the system is why we don’t see more games for Trip Hawken’s dream machine.Swing_Copters_3DO_Interactive_Multiplayer_retro_Flappy_Bird_retro_homebrew (4)

The idea behind Swing Copters is only so slightly more complicated than those for Flappy Bird (which has not been ported to the 3DO).  By tapping either side of the little propeller hat wearing protagonist you can make him sway that way.  Keep in mind he doesn’t move like greased lightning and the obstacles (everything that is not your character) are deadly.  Touch anything and it is game over.  Simple. Swing_Copters_3DO_Interactive_Multiplayer_retro_Flappy_Bird_retro_homebrew (3)

As with Flappy Bird, Swing Copters is all about getting farther than anyone else.  The handy, similarly setup, high score board is just the way to throw your score in the face of your, possibly soon to be ex, friends’ faces.  Just don’t overdo it though, no one likes a sore winner.Swing_Copters_3DO_Interactive_Multiplayer_retro_Flappy_Bird_retro_homebrew (2)

This is for Swing Copters version 1.1, there are comments by the developer that there may be updates using newer libraries and coding techniques.  If a new version is released I will make sure to cover it.


Carl Williams

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