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What if The Walking Dead Had an 8-Bit Game?

The Walking Dead has, no doubt, been a huge success for A&E, a surprise series considering the content this cable network usually releases.  Zombies were here to stay and the amount of support that A&E put behind The Walking Dead was obvious.  From the first episode that, for many viewers, went too far to the storylines they covered later, A&E were nearly betting the farm on this franchise.  What is interesting is that The Walking Dead was originally a comic book series.  For a lot of viewers, that is probably news.  Now, thanks to CineFix we can see what The Walking Dead would possibly look like had it been released for 8-Bit platforms such as the Nintendo Entertainment System or Sega Master System or Commodore 64 gaming computer.

The complete episodes are not represented in each of these videos that would take far too long.  Instead, the videos focus on the highlights, like Cliff’s Notes for books.  The gist of the seasons are quite apparent, and CineFix does not shy away from the “too far” scenes that viewers of the show, and probably readers of the comic, remember quite well.

That is what The Walking Dead is all about though, going “too far” much like shows like Law and Order, E.R., Grey’s Anatomy etc do.  Pushing the envelope of what is allowed on television is key to expanding the boundaries.  Gaming is FAR behind what is allowed to be shown on television that is just a fact.  For proof just watch the first episode of The Walking Dead and then think of ANY game that allows you to do that stuff.  Go ahead, I will wait.

So far seasons 1, 2, 3 and four are available in this format.  The more likes, views, etc these episodes get the more CineFix will release to the world.  There is only one more season left but CineFix may wait till either the series gets cancelled, or Season 6 is available to make the next installment of this 8-Bit line of videos.


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