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Puyo Puyo Style Puzzler Released for Sega Genesis by Homebrew Developer

Puzzle game fans know the name Puyo Puyo, or a variation including Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine or Kirby’s Avalanche.  Repixel8 is taking that familiar formula and adding their own little twist to the gameplay to make Doroppu its unique and its own.  Just like Puyo Puyo, Doroppu is a single or two player in split screen puzzle game.

The basic idea behind Doroppu is dropping the colored blobs, which are attached to squares, onto other colored blobs.  Matching three or more blobs of the same color makes them disappear from the screen.  You advance to the next level when all of the blobs are removed from the screen.  In the upper left side of the screen is the next blob.  There is a hand that slides across the top of the screen holding the current blob.  Pushing down on the controller drops the blob onto the pile at the bottom of the screen.  Strategically placing blobs can lead to massive combos that score tons of points.

Puzzle game fans have already scrolled down and found the link to the Repixel8 website.  For everyone else, Doroppu is a pretty interesting puzzle game.  The hand moving at its own speed, coupled with having to line up the drop, adds a bit of challenge to what would otherwise be a decent Puyo Puyo clone.Doroppu_Sega_Genesis_Mega_Drive_retro_puzzle_Puyo_match3 (1)

Repixel8 used the BasiEgaXorz programming language to create Doroppu.  Other titles for the Sega Genesis that have used BasiEgaXorz in development include Papi Commando and Hide the Baby (for Genesis and Sega CD).  It is great to see more people using BasiEgaXorz to create new and original games for the defunct Sega Genesis/Mega Drive console.  What will be next?  An action game?  A scrolling shooter? A role playing game or something else?  Will we see someone port current games to the Genesis in some sort of demake?  Let’s see your homebrew!

Doroppu is available at the Repixel8 website.

Carl Williams

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