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Someone Call a Doctor, SORS Follows in the steps of Papers, Please with Dystopian Future Medical Adventure

Dystopian future games have been popular in gaming, and general entertainment, for years.  Cult classics such as Snatcher, while not million sellers still hold a special place in the hearts of gamers that played them.  One such cult classic, cut from a much more modern cloth is Papers, Please by Lucas Pope.  The gameplay is similar to Papers, Please but there are some glaring differences that separate the two titles, allowing SORS to go on its own.

The world of SORS is a dark one, indeed.  The planet has become extremely over populated.  This has caused everyone to have to live in skyscrapers while criminals are placed in flying prisons.  This is done so that criminals don’t take up valuable land that is reserved for the law abiding citizens of the world.  SORS pits you as a doctor in this future, a stressed one fighting, possibly multiple, hackers who are trying to take down your hospital.

Papers, Please has you playing a border guard, of sorts, that has to control the people allowed into the country.  SORS has you playing a doctor who is diagnosing patients while someone is attempting to infiltrate the hospital’s computer system.  Much like Papers, Please will face some majorly sucky moral dilemmas during your shift.  Remember that person trying to infiltrate the computers of the hospital?  Yeah, you have to assist in keeping that from happening- they need to get someone on the inside, maybe it is a patient?SORS_Steam_Greenlit_Papers_Please_Dystopian_Future_Snatcher_adventure (2)

I mentioned Snatcher earlier because much like that classic title, the developer of SORS has gone to great lengths to ensure the experience is immersive.  SORS uses real medical science for the symptoms and treatments that you will administer to the patients that you see, at least the ones that you choose to treat (your resources, and time, are not unlimited).

If you are into the dystopian future titles, you could definitely do worse than SORS.  Adventure fans have already jumped to the links below and left us, which is great.  These types of games need to be supported and enjoyed.

SORS has been greenlit on Steam and is available at Science Gamed.

Carl Williams

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