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The Lost Boys Finally See Game Release on Nintendo Entertainment System

The Lost Boys, a cult classic movie from the late 80’s about a group of vampires living the surfer style life in California, is finally the subject of a Nintendo Entertainment System.  The Lost Boys on the NES is a 2D side scrolling action adventure title which is available on cartridge from Chipmasters.  Interestingly, this game was created at the request of Edgar Frog himself- Corey Feldman.

The Lost Boys was a vampire movie for the “cool” kids, not anywhere near Twilight- these vampires didn’t sparkle and they would kick your ass for asking.  Based around the beaches, and surrounding area, of Santa Carla California, The Lost Boys starred Corey Haim, Corey Feldman, Kiefer Sutherland and many others.  What was cool about The Lost Boys was that it was not your Dracula retelling or anything like it.  This was a vampire movie for the rest of us, a vampire movie that was not scared to do things that the other movies shied away from- you will have trouble eating Chinese after watching this movie.

Pacnsacdave is the man behind this hack of Shadow of the Ninja, for more of his work check here.  Using this classic title as the basis for a Lost Boys game makes sense.  Shadow of the Ninja was originally a dark action game so it fits the motif of the movie quite well.  Most of the story is here, told through picture based cut scenes.  The sprites have been modified to resemble characters from the movie, with some creative freedoms (giant snakes and the severe amount of cloning that has gone on in Santa Carla for example).

Can you stop David before he escalates his plans?  Now you can actually stop him yourself instead of passively watching on a television.

To grab your copy of The Lost Boys for the Nintendo Entertainment System head over to Chipmasters.  Thanks to pacnsacdave for the heads up on this one.

Carl Williams

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6 Responses to “The Lost Boys Finally See Game Release on Nintendo Entertainment System”

  1. RavenHomicde says:

    It Should Be Noted Corey Feldman Himself Ask Me To Get This Game Made After I Showed Him Dav And My Freddy Vs Jason NES…

    • Carl Williams says:

      The last sentence of the first paragraph states this was a request by Corey Feldman himself.

      The game looks great. Not every day we get to write about hacks that were requested by celebrities. Thanks for making it.

      Would you, or anyone else on your team, be interested doing an interview concerning this release?

  2. spideynut71 says:

    Wow, when they said “lost”, they weren’t kidding….

  3. RavenHomicde says:

    My apologies was in sheer excitement reading the article.

    And yes were always up for interviews.

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