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SSI Gold Box D&D Veterans Return to their Roots with Tactical Simulations Interactive

Some of the biggest names in role playing games on computers have regrouped to do what they do best, create turn based strategy role playing games that rock.  Okay, a little history lesson for those that do not know what I am talking about with the title of this article.  The Strategic Simulations Inc (SSI) Gold Box games were THE role playing games to own and enjoy back in the day (mid to late 80’s).  They were officially licensed Dungeons and Dragons products and they were available for just about everything that could display words and simple graphics.  Before SSI was known for their Gold Box D&D role playing games they were known for their wargaming strategy titles (get their name now?) and many still hold up extremely well even today.  Back to Tactical Simulations Interactive (TSI), they are launching a new series of games via Kickstarter.  Read on to find out why they deserve your support.

Their new game is called Seven Dragon Saga and for anyone that has played any of the more popular Gold Box games, it will be instantly familiar.  I say the more popular Gold Box games because there were a few that strayed a bit from their tried and true formula for success.  Check the gameplay video out below for a genuine shot of nostalgia.

In Seven Dragon Saga you take control of a group of six characters called the “Touched”.  The Emporer, with his total power, has given you orders to defend the land from any enemy.  The Drakelands, where your characters live, is dangerous and quite wild.  You have to unite this savage land through noble deeds, coerce with threats or give the denizens a healthy dose of violence.

This is the first game of a planned series, much like Alternate Reality was a planned set of games.  Hopefully though, we will see the Seven Dragon Saga reach its full climax.  Retrogaming RPG fans, Seven Dragon Saga is your game, support TSI and help make it happen.  We NEED more games like this in the world.

Support Seven Dragon Saga on Kickstarter

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