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Kunoi Mixes Running Games with Retrogaming Classic Elements Slashing Through Kickstarter

Endless running games are quite the “thing” in the mobile world.  For the most part, they have not really taken off on computers, where the first person shooter (FPS) is king.  Kunoi isn’t looking to attempt to change that, though there are some running game elements here they are not front and center.  No, front and center is the graphics and sounds that scream early 90’s Sega Genesis.  Kunoi doesn’t skimp on the action and challenge, you won’t be “one lifing” this one.

What Kunoi offers players is over 20 levels of action which pay homage to the classics such as Mario, Sonic and Kirby.  That is good company to be in if you ask me.  One addition to the formula that intrigues me is the quick pace of the game.  When you die it doesn’t take a long time waiting for a dying sequence to finish before you can get back into the game and defeat whatever took you down.

Kunoi is currently on Kickstarter and looking for a modest $5,000 in funding (this is especially cheap for a game).  One of the challenges listed by the creator is that Kunoi is a one man job, like in the good old days of the Atari and even many Nintendo Entertainment System games.  Everything from the graphics to the sound to the promotional art is handled by 7osix, the creator of Kunoi.  This is a major challenge but as you can see by the animated screenshots and the video, Kunoi doesn’t come off as a one man project.

Kunoi_Kickstarter_retro_action_runningOver on IndieDB there is a playable demo of Kunoi available.  This demo features the first level and will give potential backers a good taste of what to expect from the rest of the game (over 20 levels spanning many worlds).  If you are tired of the same old crap, support those that are trying something unique and interesting instead.

Support Kunoi on Kickstarter.

Carl Williams

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