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Llamasoft’s TxK is Now Cancelled Pending Legal Action

Tempest was a classic arcade title that polarized gamers.  You either liked it or did not get it.  There really was no in between on this game.  The man behind it, Jeff Minter, also handled the amazing Atari Jaguar port called Tempest 2000, and the game TxK for Llamasoft.  TxK hit the Playstation Vita last year and it was generally received quite well, at least that is what everyone thought.  It seems there were a few people in the world that were not happy with TxK and now they have taken legal action against it and Llamasoft.  This does not look good.

Atari has seemingly pitched their flag on the TxK planetoid and are pushing forward with legal action to prove ownership of the idea.  This is obviously bad news.  TxK was planned to come to the Playstation 4, PC, Android and even Oculus Rift and GearVR headsets.  Jeff Minter has mentioned in a tweet, listed below, that these versions are now dead in the water.

‘So yeah all the stuff we had ready or near ready will now never see the light of day. No TxK PC, PS4, Oculus, GearVR, Android. Thank ‘Atari.”


Jeff Minter’s Twitter is currently full of bits and pieces of information on the situation from his point of view.  It seems that things are note exactly staying “professional” in Atari’s claims against the classic game creator.

TxK is a homage style update to the 1994 Tempest 2000 that appeared on the Atari Jaguar and also personal computers.  The game features a playfield that extends into the screen with your player ship on the closest end and enemies coming towards it.  Shooting the enemies dispatches them from the game, repeating this process will eventually trigger the next level.  The Tempest series of games are quite interesting and challenging, if you get them.

Retrocollect has links to various pieces of the litigation from both Jeff Minter and Atari so head over and read up on it.

Source: Retrocollect

Carl Williams

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5 Responses to “Llamasoft’s TxK is Now Cancelled Pending Legal Action”

  1. I hate “Atari” so much right now.

    • Carl Williams says:

      We have to remember that the companies we see today, Atari for instance, are not the same company we grew up with. For the most part, they don’t have heart anymore which is sad because massive amounts of heart is why they are so loved by gamers.

      • They’ve always put profit before craft, even when we were young, and old Atari wasn’t very good to their developers either. That’s how we got Activision and Imagic, after all. But back then, at least they made stuff we liked.

        My fantasy is for Notch (Minecraft) to swoop in with heroic lawyers and take Atari to charm school. More likely, TxK will disappear and old Jeff Minter will stay poor but free, just as usual.

        • Carl Williams says:

          I completely forgot about how the old Atari was not much different than the current Atari. It is sad that they are trying to get source code to a game they never even owned in the first place.

          Reminds me so much of the crap where they sued game publishers for using the words “Candy” “Crush” or “Saga” in their titles.

          • Or that Tim Langdell tool who went after anyone with the word “edge” in anything they did. This isn’t as nearly as clear, obviously (Tempest does actually exist, and is well loved) but the bullying from a useless developer is the same.

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