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Atari Memory Match Now Available, a Card Game for Retrogaming Fans

Okay, everyone reading this has at one time or another played a variation of the classic game, Memory.  Either via official means or through variations that used just about anything that could be paired up.  One of the most popular variations of Memory that I know of uses playing cards.  Thanks to an Atari Age member we can now add Atari Memory Match to the options available.  This memory game has expansion packs already planned for future release.

The allure of Memory is that it is simple and it produces positive results in the player’s memory skills.  Tie that with a retrogaming theme and you have Atari Memory Match.  Just like the original Memory, you can play Atari Memory Match as a single player or with as many players as you are comfortable with.

Atari_Memory_Mach_Cards_retro_AtariAge (3)For those that have no idea what Memory is all about, it is pretty simple.  There are a preset number of cards in the deck.  Each picture used has a pair that goes with it.  To play, all of the cards in the deck need to be turned face down in a pattern of some sort, most use the classic square or rectangle.  To play, you simply pick a card and flip it over, then pick another card and if it is a match you leave both face up.  If you do not find a match then you turn both cards back over and move on.  The challenge is remembering where the pairs are on the board.  Simple.

Atari_Memory_Mach_Cards_retro_AtariAge (2)The challenge of Memory, and Atari Memory Match, is compounded when you add more cards.  The original set features the first titles released for the Atari 2600.  That brings us to the expansion packs that are planned.  There is a homebrew and a custom card selection planned.

Head over to the Atari Age forums and show your support.

Carl Williams

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