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Donate to Charity While Playing Games

Playing games and charity events are fairly new with online options such as Extra Life, where people make donations as you play (usually streaming the gameplay).  Over in Sweden though, the Red Cross has taken a new direction of combining arcade games and donations.  The coin operated machines work on any denomination of money and allow the person parting with their cold hard cash to play a classic game.  This is a novel concept and one that should catch on, it could probably catch more donations from passerby.  At the very least it would catch the eyes of people walking by.

As far as I know right now, you won’t find Super Street Fighter II or House of the Dead let alone the latest $20k+ title at these airports.  Instead you will find classics such as Pac-Man, Space Invaders and the like.  Simple games that can be played in short spurts and don’t require the player to know a lot more than what is present around the front of the cabinet already.  These games are perfect for airport patrons who may have to leave a game at a moment’s notice.

This could be expanded a bit, with a little extra work.  What if stores put in these types of units out in the front like the good old days?  It could be a good source of donations for various charities that are needing a new method of getting financial assistance.  Many people would make a donation without playing, while others would probably hone their record setting skills on a small penance.

I personally love this idea and wish that someone in North America could adopt something similar.  Imagine visiting your local arcade (yeah, right like there are any of those left) and seeing a classic game like the units in the video.  Would you play it?  Would you make a donation to help someone and get a little game time out of it?

I would.


Carl Williams

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