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Play a Prince in Beyond Oasis and Summon the Elements against Evil – Today in History – March 15th, 1995

Beyond Oasis Sega Genesis

Another integral title that is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year is Beyond Oasis by Sega for the Sega Genesis.  This was Sega’s answer to the Legend of Zelda series that Nintendo had been flogging them with in the console wars.  Par for the course with these Sega answers to Nintendo questions, there is a much more mature nature about the game.  While the Zelda games were more family friendly and easy to handle, Beyond Oasis went with a little darker theme that involved more violent actions against the enemies you encountered.  This was just the way Sega skewed in the market, slightly older males.  That is not saying that Beyond Oasis was a bad game or a Zelda rip-off, it is just another title in the action role playing game (RPG) genre.Beyond_Oasis_Sega_Genesis_retro_retrogaming_Legend_Zelda_action_rpg (2)

You take control of Prince Ali who has just found a gold armlet that was buried.  This gold armlet is not just any giant bracelet that was acceptable for men to wear, no this armlet belonged to a wizard that was not exactly a push over.  This wizard waged war for years against the owner of the silver armlet which was used to create destruction and chaos in the world.  The golden armlet is the “good” one of the two and capable of summoning four spirits.  Dytto is the water spirit, Efreet is the fire spirit, Shade is the shadow one and Bow is the spirit of plants.   Doesn’t sound like the deck is exactly split down the middle but you have to play the cards you are dealt in life and in Beyond Oasis.

Beyond Oasis features gameplay that is quite similar to that of the Zelda series.  You equip weapons and secondary options to conquer the challenges that lay ahead.  Beyond Oasis is no pushover but with some practice and dedication, the golden armlet and Prince Ali will restore peace to the world.

Beyond_Oasis_Sega_Genesis_retro_retrogaming_Legend_Zelda_action_rpg (1)Beyond Oasis on Sega Genesis turns 20 years old today, March 15th.  Back in the day the magazines of the time gave it a generally good score (7 to 8.75 range) which is good by anyone’s standards.

Beyond Oasis is available in the following formats:
Sega Genesis cartridge Amazon/eBay
Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection Amazon/eBay
Wii Virtual Console

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