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Balloon Girl Shows Flappy Bird Clones How It’s Done on Atari 2600

Okay, it is no secret that Flappy Bird has gotten quite long in the tooth with gamers, though for some reason those articles are well read.  So, knowing that the readers are fine with more Flappy Bird I decided it might be worth covering this new, upcoming, title for the Atari 2600 called Balloon Girl.  There are plenty of differences between Flappy Bird, and its clones, and Balloon Girl.  These differences are interesting and make sense.  Imagine that.

Balloon Girl features the same gameplay that you are used to seeing in Flappy Bird clones.  The screen automatically scrolls and you are tasked with avoiding obstacles.  That is when things diverge with Balloon Girl though.  Touching the ground does not mean immediate death in Balloon Girl, your character simply walks when touch the top of a platform.  In fact, touching anything does not mean immediate death.  The only time you will die in Balloon Girl is when you come into contact with an enemy or if an obstacle smashes you against the left side of the screen.  Balloon Girl also tasks you with collecting items that are scattered throughout the levels.

Balloon_Girl_Atari_2600_Theloon_homebrew_indie_retro_retrogaming_flappy_bird (3)The graphics are obviously super blocky, that is just the norm for the Atari 2600.  Your character is clearly represented and enemies are a completely different color than the background and obstacles so they clearly stand out.  All in all, so far there are some great design choices going on in Balloon Girl.  There is only a preview gameplay video available (above) at this time but so far Balloon Girl is a step in the right direction for the Flappy Bird genre.

Balloon_Girl_Atari_2600_Theloon_homebrew_indie_retro_retrogaming_flappy_bird (1)It is about time someone has stepped outside of the comfort zone when it comes to Flappy Bird clones.  There is just not a ton of variety in the original and the clones have, for the most part, done nothing to change that.

Source: Atari Age

Carl Williams

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