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CYBER Gadget to Release the Retro Freak Game Console, 11 Platforms Supported Out of the Box

This is interesting news, especially considering that severe lack of information on the RETRO Video Game System.  CYBER Gadget Corporation is working on a console named “Retro Freak” which will purportedly play 11 different 16-Bit era consoles worth of games.  That is quite the backlog for many of us, and a chance to add to that backlog with more games for systems that we don’t own.  Systems like this offer players the chance to alleviate one of the most expensive parts of being a retrogamer- the cost of the console itself.  CYBER Gadget Corporations Retro Freak is an ambitious effort indeed.

Platforms supported include (more could be added at a later time):
1. Famicom
2. Super Famicom
3. Super Nintendo Entertainment System
4. Game Boy
5. Game Boy Color
6. Game Boy Advance
7. Mega Drive
8. Genesis
9. PC Engine
10. TurboGrafx-16
11. PC Engine SuperGrafx

SegaNerds mention that the only missing platforms from this era are the Game Gear, Neo Geo and the Wonder Swan hand held.  That list is still quite huge but adding those three platforms would indeed add to the value of the Retro Freak console.

Possibly the biggest piece of good news on the Retro Freak, besides actually knowing what consoles are to be represented on it, is that we know it will allegedly upscale the games to 720p.  That is quite an improvement for many of the supported platforms. Retro_Freak_CYBER Corporation_retro game_retro_retrogaming_SNES_Sega_Nintendo_console (1) has brought some interesting details about CYBER Corporations past to the forefront.  Basically, CYBER Corporation is known for peripherals such as carrying cases, protective films and the like.  Nothing wrong with a company branching out, many have done it in the past and become huge success stories (Nintendo for example).

For me, the most interesting console that the Retro Freak will support is the NEC Super Grafx.  Not many can lay claim to offering support for this short lived console.  I personally think NEC should have brought the Super Grafx to North America instead of the PC-Engine (Turbo Grafx-16 in North America).  Since the Super Grafx is backwards compatible with the PC-Engine/Turbo Grafx-16 they could still release the games we got (plus the few Super Grafx games that saw release).

The Retro Freak supports 13 consoles (according to CYBER Corporation’s math) if you add in the fact that it will supposedly support the Powerbase Converter which adds the Sega Master System/Mark III.

The Retro Freak is planned to release this Spring, no price is available at this time.

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Carl Williams

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3 Responses to “CYBER Gadget to Release the Retro Freak Game Console, 11 Platforms Supported Out of the Box”

  1. Michael_Ponder_JR says:

    I’m one of those few guys who prefers how old consoles looked on old CRTs, i can’t stand the upscaled pixelated look.
    Those are the exact reasons i switch on filters when i use emulators on my PC.
    I don’t like blocky graphics. I don’t like realistic graphics either mind you.

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