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F-Zero Being Ported to Sega Genesis as G-Zero

F-Zero was one of those games that almost could have been just a tech demo had it not been fun to play.  Fans know that F-Zero was a Nintendo franchise that launched with the Super Nintendo and was the second best showing of what Mode 7 was capable of (Pilotwings was the best, for its time).  This left Sega and their Genesis console out in the cold as far as futuristic racing games went that is until now.  G-Zero is a Sega Genesis homebrew port of the popular Super Nintendo title.  What is fascinating is, it looks pretty damn good.

Everyone knows that the Sega Genesis doesn’t have 3D hardware built into it.  That left programmers, old and new, with the conundrum of programming the effect in through software.  This method is not the fastest, nor most efficient way of doing things but it worked.  We have covered homebrew feats that have ported SNES exclusive titles such as Star Fox to the Sega Genesis, now we are covering F-Zero getting a port in progress.

This is a work in progress so don’t expect a complete, SNES beating, port of any kind.  The G-Zero demo that is available (link over at Retrocollect) features a remix of the Mute City theme and some, non-optimized, gameplay (it is a work in progress after all).

There is discussion on the forums over at Sega-16 about the author of this port possibly going on to work on a port of another racing game.  Sonic Kart Racer is a possible new game that could hit the Sega Genesis, though this is COMPLETELY up in the air at the moment and nothing has been put into stone on this game happening.  Right now, it appears that G-Zero is the focus and optimizing it is the goal.

F-Zero was also ported to the Turbo Grafx-16, covered here.

Source: Retrcollect

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