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Sacred Line Genesis to See Physical Cartridge Release on Sega Genesis

When we launched our magazine (still looking for a designer) we knew we wanted it to be more than just a print version of the site.  We didn’t want the mag to look like we hit the print screen key on the website and then charged people for it.  Part of that dedication to being unique definitely went into the content of the magazine, not just the layout.  We strove to cover games that others weren’t, print articles that others weren’t.  One game that we covered back then, that is just now getting major traction with gamers, is Sacred Line Genesis on the Sega Genesis. 

Our support of Sacred Line Genesis is deep, we are quoted in the sales material for instance.  We have been huge fans of this horror adventure title for a long time, and will do whatever we can to help others become fans too.Sacred_Line_Genesis_Sasha_Darko_Watermelon_Games_Horror_adventure (2)

For those that don’t know about Sacred Line Genesis, it is a pre-rendered adventure game.  Your movement is limited but that is welcome, much like the camera angles of Resident Evil allowing scares and greater control of the environment.  Things are messed up and that is obvious from the way the scenes are depicted to the text that is used to describe your situation.

The way you interact with the world is similar to the old text adventure games, or more recently Snatcher/Policenauts.  Movement and interaction with the environment is limited on purpose- this is not Resident Evil, this is an old school adventure.

Sacred Line Genesis is being published on physical cartridge thanks to Watermelon Games.  Watermelon Games is well known for their release of a little title called Pier Solar, also on Sega Genesis (and other platforms coming).  The cost is about $40, which includes shipping so it is not as expensive as many other homebrew releases are.

Source: Sacred Line Genesis via Retrocollect and Retro Game Network

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Carl Williams

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2 Responses to “Sacred Line Genesis to See Physical Cartridge Release on Sega Genesis”

  1. […] It is not that often that I bother covering things on Kickstarter or IndieGoGo.  I don’t really look at stuff on those services as most of it is just hopes and dreams of someone.  When it is something that could be awesome, it is usually funded FAST then fans wait YEARS for their investment to bear fruit.  I hate that.  Though, sometimes there are some cool projects that I like and I want to discuss with our fans here.  Soulset is one of those cool titles.  I am a closet visual novel fan.  There, I said it.  For the most part I have had a hard time finding anything that can stand toe to toe with the Konami classic, Snatcher.  Soulset is not even trying to do that so we are cool in that regard.  What we have here is the basis for a solid visual novel with a horror/mystery theme to it- similar to that of Sacred Line-Genesis. […]

  2. […] No es que a menudo que me molesto que se cubre cosas en Kickstarter o IndieGoGo. Yo realmente no veo cosas en esos servicios ya que la mayoría de ella es sólo esperanzas y los sueños de alguien. Cuando se trata de algo que podría ser impresionante, por lo general es financiado rápido, entonces los fans esperan años para su inversión a dar sus frutos. Odio eso. Aunque, a veces hay algunos proyectos interesantes que me gustan y que quiero discutir con nuestros fans aquí. Soulset es uno de esos títulos interesantes. Soy un armario novela visual. No, lo dije. En su mayor parte he tenido dificultades para encontrar cualquier cosa que pueda estar cara a cara con el clásico de Konami, Snatcher. Soulset ni siquiera está tratando de hacer eso, así que estamos fresco en ese sentido. Lo que tenemos aquí es la base para una novela visual sólida con un tema de terror / misterio para IT- similar a Sacred Line-Genesis. […]

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