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Raging Justice mixes Double Dragon with Mortal Kombat and Someone Brought a Tractor

It is not all too often that I get to mix in the word “tractor” into the title of an article, but when I can- I will.  Raging Justice is a brawler in the style of the classics such as Double Dragon, Streets of Rage and Final Fight.  Similar to the old Atari arcade title, Guardians of the Hood, Raging Justice looks to stand out partly due to the graphics, and RJ has a tractor.  That is reason to support this brawler, folks.  That damn tractor.

Par for the course in these brawlers, Raging Justice features a town that is held hostage by a crime lord (funny, in the movies they do so many other things with their time).  The good people, Rick Justice and Nikki Rage (get the title now?) won’t stand for this and so they set out to bash some heads.  These two are renegade cops because that badge would keep them from knocking heads together like the city needs.  Reading Miranda Rights takes too long when you have a screen full of baddies just waiting to bash your head in too.

According to the Steam Community page, Raging Justice will feature stylistic (?) stop-motion HD graphics, online multiplayer and a “bombastic” soundtrack.  Raging Justice also features a tractor, folks.Raging_Justice_Steam_Greenlight_Tractor_Double_Dragon_Streets_Rage_Final_Fight_Windows (1)

The variety of the enemies is interesting and the sheer number onscreen at one time is, hopefully, going to be a welcome challenge (you have to run someone over with that tractor).  The enemies carry that usual stereotypes from bikers to big breasted, high kicking (take that Dead or Alive) women to the purple crushed velvet suit wearing pimp character (I kid you not).  Oh, and there is a tractor.Raging_Justice_Steam_Greenlight_Tractor_Double_Dragon_Streets_Rage_Final_Fight_Windows (3)

I, for one, being a HUGE fan of tractors in games (apparently) and fighting games in general will have to keep an eye on this one.  Hopefully, there are plenty of likeminded readers out there, otherwise I am going to be writing to myself here.  Don’t let writers write to themselves, it is sad.Raging_Justice_Steam_Greenlight_Tractor_Double_Dragon_Streets_Rage_Final_Fight_Windows (2)

Raging Justice is currently on Steam Greenlight looking for some support.

Source: Indie Retro News

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