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Renegade Racers Defies Water Physics on Playstation – Today in History – March 9th, 2000

It is not all that unique in gaming to have real world physics completely, and utterly, ignored in favor of making a fun game possible.  This happens in virtually every video game that is not a simulation of some sort.  Physics aren’t all that fun in most games since they keep the player stuck in reality in some form.  Take water physics for instance- water doesn’t normally flow uphill, right?  Water does indeed flow uphill in Renegade Racers by Interplay, though.  Released 15 years ago today, Renegade Racers was Interplay’s take on the “kart racer” that Mario Kart started mixed with the Jet Moto idea of water based craft doing amazing things.  The results are unique to say the least.

Renegade Racers tells the story of a rich billionaire, so rich it is in his name, Buck Billionaire who is quite adventurous.  Buck decides to use his money to do something different, to him, and fun, again mainly for him.  He sponsors a contest between 12 watercraft racers that all have unique personalities and different watercraft with different abilities. Renegade_Racers_ Playstation_Interplay_Mario_Kart_racing_retro_retrogaming (2)

Renegade Racers features three game modes- Battle Race, much like Mario Kart and the clones.  Check Point Challenge, similar to the classics such as Rad Racer where you have to meet points on the track in a limited amount of time.  Smash & Grab is a treasure hunting experience that pits you against another racer in an all-out race to find the treasure and get the fame that goes with it.

There are nearly 50 levels in Renegade Racers and plenty of unlockable hovercraft and characters available in the classic “defeat the boss” earning style.  In certain game modes there are weapons to collect, and use against your opponents.  This gives Renegade Racers a feel that matches the other titles in this genre.  Unfortunately most gamers passed over this title, probably due to Renegade Racers being released late in the PSOne’s life and it being a budget title (retailing originally for less than $10).Renegade_Racers_ Playstation_Interplay_Mario_Kart_racing_retro_retrogaming (3)

Interested in grabbing a copy of Renegade Racers for the Playstation console?  Check these sources out:

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