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New Game- Skycurser Mixes Thunder Force III Shooting with Splatterhouse Style Graphics for JAMMA/Arcade

It is not all that often that we see new arcade games that use the JAMMA hardware architecture.  That is exactly what Skycurser is though, a new arcade game in development that will eventually see release for JAMMA boards.  The world of Skycurser is definitely a unique take on the shooter genre and it is just getting started.

The storyline behind Skycurser tells the tale of Guy Griffin, the last living man on Earth, who has been taken up the task of battling the species destroying plague.  This plague comes from the stars and Guy Griffin plans to send it back there.  The Skycurser is the ship that Guy Griffin flies in the game of the same name.  From here on out, it is blood, guts and gore of all types, including cybernetic looking hardware/flesh mixes.

Skycurser_JAMMA_Arcade_Retro_retrogaming_shooter_Splatterhouse_Thunder_force (1)

Skycurser_JAMMA_Arcade_Retro_retrogaming_shooter_Splatterhouse_Thunder_force (2)

The Splatterhouse influence is pretty obvious for those that are trying to place the enemies.  More hardcore retro gaming fans may recognize another title that mixed shooting with gore called Abadox by Milton Bradley, of all companies, for the 8-Bit Nintendo Entertainment System.  Abadox was only available on an 8-Bit system which really limited the graphical prowess the developers could work into the game.  Skycurser is going for the standard 16-Bit hardware that has a resolution of 320×240, think Sega Genesis resolution, which was quite standard for the time (though some key games actually used lower resolutions).

Judging by the gameplay video and animated GIF’s available, old mainstays of the genre will return.  These include enemies flashing white when you hit their weak point, your ship having massive firepower and the enemies being larger than life.  There is a lot of red pixels in this one, more than probably all of the Mortal Kombat games combined.  That is a lot of blood.Skycurser_JAMMA_Arcade_Retro_retrogaming_shooter_Splatterhouse_Thunder_force (1)

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