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Update- Project Y, Sega Genesis Brawler, Sees Game Play Video Release

It has been over a year since the last time we covered anything on Project Y by Watermelon Games.  For those that don’t know what Project Y is, it is a brawler in the style of Streets of Rage and Final Fight.  Just a good ole 16-Bit scrolling fighting game that has super detailed graphics that could almost pass for Neo Geo quality.  Watermelon games have been quite tight lipped on the development of Project Y, so tight lipped that there has only been a couple of screens released to the press since it was first discovered.  Recently though, Watermelon Games have released a gameplay video of Project Y in action.  What a video it is too.

So far, in 2015, there have been three new games announced for the Sega Genesis.  We saw the announcement that Piko Interactive are bringing over Water Margin (another brawler title).  A Commando style game called Papi Commando.  And finally Antarex which is a side scrolling transforming robot shooting game reminiscent of BlaZeon on the Super Nintendo.  That is a great start to the New Year for Sega Genesis fans.ProjectY_Watermelon_Sega_Genesis_retro_retrogaming_brawler

From what we can tell in the video, Project Y is squarely in the niche that we were expecting, based on the previously released screenshots.  There are a couple of characters that you can apparently play as too- the stereotypical overly buff guy, the skimpily dressed girl and a, seemingly, more rounded looking “tall” guy.  There is a monster type character shown off in the video but it is not clear if that is a fourth playable character or if it has something to do with the powers of another character (kind of like the Bloody Roar series).

Some levels shown off in the video include a boat level, the typical nightclub scenario, a casino level, a high rise apartment/office, a production style warehouse and the usual back alley level.  The characters are all over the place, including questionable (if you are staying “family” friendly).ProjectY_Watermelon_Sega_Genesis_retro_retrogaming_brawler 2

I will post as soon as I know more about Project Y.  Until then, enjoy the video and wait with the rest of us for more information, including an announcement date.

Source: Retrocollect

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