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New Game: Inherit the Earth Released for the Commodore Amiga CD32

While we have covered Amiga CD32 releases over the last year or two, recently they have kind of slowed down.  This happens though, as one area slows (such as the Amiga CD32) another picks up (such as the Atari Jaguar and NES areas).  That does not mean that there are no releases whatsoever for the Amiga CD32, there are.  Inherit the Earth is the latest release for retrogaming fans to check out and enjoy.

Point and click adventure titles are another area of gaming that has slowed down, at least on newer platforms (quick, name one P&C game on Xbox One or PS4).  It is a crying shame that this genre has been pushed to the wayside by major publishers, can you imagine what a point and click adventure would look like running on the Unreal engine (I know it is primarily a First Person Shooter engine but it does other things too you know)?

Inherit the Earth originally hit the Commodore Amiga, DOS and Macintosh starting in 1994.  Later versions hit the Pocket PC and iPad and even Good old Games and Steam have it listed and available.  For a game that has gotten around this much over the last 20+ years, it is amazing that not more gamers know about it.  This Amiga CD32 version can, apparently, be played on an Amiga 600/1200 also- more information on that over at Indie Retro News (link below).

Fans of the classics such as the King’s Quest, Police Quest and Space Quest series will be right at home with Inherit the Earth.  Even the furry community has shown great support over the years for this game, probably due to the liberal use of humanized animals (think more realistic Disney style and you will be close).

Head over to Indie Retro News for information on how to play Inherit the Earth off your hard drive (Amiga 600/1200 owners) and for the download links for CD32.

Source: Indie Retro News

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