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Hardware Mod- Nintendo GameCube Given Legend of Zelda- The Wind Waker Overhaul

For our regular readers the name Vadu Amka is not unknown.  Vadu has created another amazing hardware modification using the Nintendo GameCube as the base.  This new modification takes on the Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and merges it with Vadu’s trademark style to create an amazingly awesome looking, one of a kind console.  Other retrogaming platforms that have received this type of treatment include the Super Nintendo, Nintendo Game Boy Advance, Sega Genesis and the NEC Turbo Grafx-16.  More are sure to come.

As with the other mods that Vadu Amka has created, this Wind Waker GameCube took more than an afternoon to complete.  According to Vadu’s site, the Wind Waker GameCube took about three months from start to finish.  That is some serious dedication for such a niche product but that is how Vadu Amka works.  Dedication to quality work.

The attention to detail is prominent all over this console.  The main body is covered in what appears to be faux weathered bricks with a graphic of Link adorning the drive cover.  This is all “engraved” into the molding, not some kind of sticker, which would simply not be a Vadu Amka modification.  The controller ports are also numbered using Hylian numerals.  On the right side fo the GameCube are a few blocks with cracks in them, a nod to the gameplay mechanic that requires Link to blow holes in the walls.  How cool is that?Vadu_Amka_Legend_Zelda_Wind_Waker_Nintendo_GameCube_retrogaming_retro (1)

Even the controller is given the makeover treatment.  Link’s shield is emblazoned in the center of the controller, marking the start button, with the analog stick getting a new topper.  The handle of the GameCube is also covered in fake leather, adding a slight aura to the console that will probably go unnoticed had it not been pointed out.Vadu_Amka_Legend_Zelda_Wind_Waker_Nintendo_GameCube_retrogaming_retro (3)

What console would you like to see get the Vadu Amka treatment next?

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