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Update: Last Ninja 2 on Konix, Video and New Screens

Earlier this year we covered the announcement that Last Ninja 2 for the Konix Multisystem retrogaming platform.  Now, there has been a slight update made available.  Namely a video of the game running in a Konix emulator which shows the disks were still good and readable and some new screenshots.  This is exciting news considering the obvious lack of software for the Konix Multisystem and for the fact that Last Ninja 2 was thought to be lost, by those that knew it was in development, or not known at all, such as most of the gaming public.

The Konix Multisystem was intended to be released, but never materialized (much like the Phantom console).  Originally planned to be an 8-Bit console, Konix decided to upgrade the CPU to 16-Bit, which brought more power in graphics and sound capabilities.  Interestingly, the Konix Multisystem was to use 3.5” floppy disks rather than expensive cartridges.  This design decision has helped in preserving the precious few software titles that have been discovered for the Konix Multisystem so far.

Last Ninja 2 is an overhead, isometric, action adventure- not unlike Double Dragon or many of the other brawlers.  You have moves similar to brawlers (punch, kick, etc) and encounter enemies that are all too happy to attack you and end your game.  The interesting thing about the Last Ninja series is that there is more emphasis on your surroundings than just scrolling to the right.Last_Ninja_2_Konix_Multisystem_Retr_Retrogaming

What we know about the Konix Multisystem version of Last Ninja 2 is that it is graphically more impressive than the Commodore 64 version and there appears to be more animation in the characters.  It is interesting to see a title this far into development, it gives an idea of what the Konix Multisystem could have done had it been released.

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