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Kickstarter: Toejam & Earl- Back in the Groove Looking for Some Financial Love

Greg Johnson, one of the two creators/owners of the Toejam & Earl games, has put the latest adventure of the funky dudes up on Kickstarter.  The last time we saw this duo was on the Xbox, which was an updated version of the game that was intended for the Sega Dreamcast.  That version was less than stellar to say the least.  What this Kickstarter is all about though, is returning the series to its roots, oldschool 2D overhead actin with simple controls and emphasis on co-op play.  Think the first game and forget the rest and you will have an idea of Mr. Johnson and his team are aiming for.

Just because Toejam & Earl- Back in the Groove is going for the retro vibe doesn’t mean it won’t have updated graphics and gameplay.  The levels are going to be roguelike style, that means randomly generated so no two games will be the exact same.  Interestingly enough, there will be some things that carry over from game to game, this will allow players to stockpile various things as they play.

There will be four player co-op, a comic book that you earn pages from each time you beat the game and more.  The graphics are being handled by Nathan Shorts who has a style that is straight out of the 90’s comic book scene.  The style is interesting, detailed enough for modern gamers, but still able to pull on the nostalgia strings without having to go all “pixel art” on you.

Toejam & Earl Back in the Groove retro retrogaming kickstarter (3)We are trying to cover Kickstarter projects less but Toejam & Earl- Back in the Groove was just too interesting, and obviously tied to a retro game, to pass up.  That is why I had to write it up.

So, who has a favorite story or something else about the Toejam & Earl games?

Toejam & Earl Back in the Groove retro retrogaming kickstarter (2)Head over to Kickstarter to show your support.

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