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Bandit Gaming: Fatal Fury Final Mixes the SNK Classic with Final Fight Brawling Plus More

For many, these types of releases are not worth their time since these releases use ripped sprites and music from the source material.  For those readers I can safely say that Fatal Fury Final will probably not change your mind on the matter.  Now, for those that are looking for something a little different, Fatal Fury Final is probably just what you are looking for.  Not only do you get a new take on the Fatal Fury world but you get an expanded take on the King of Fighters tournament.  All in one package of repackaged sprites, music and sound effects.

Fatal Fury Final SEEP Windows Linux brawler SNK Neo Geo (2)The team at SEEP are using the Open Beats of Rage (OpenBOR) engine to accomplish the brawler part of this release.  This should be no real surprise to anyone that knows anything at all about Beats of Rage, the original release used SNK character sprites.  What SEEP have done that is unique though is bump the playable character count up to 11 and made four game modes for players to bash through.

Story mode, South Town Quest, The King of Fighters and Extra Mode are all available for those that are willing to venture into them.  South Town Quest is like a fighting game version of “choose your own adventure” allowing you to play as the good guys or the bad guys.  Do you save South Town or tear it into more rubble and demolish it?  The choice is yours, the consequences will be harsh either way.

Fatal Fury Final SEEP Windows Linux brawler SNK Neo Geo (1)Fatal Fury Final by SEEP is available in English or Italian and is for one or two players.  Head over to Game Jolt to grab a copy and just enjoy the overly detailed graphics that SNK’s Neo Geo was known for.  They don’t make games like that anymore.

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