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Update: Prototype Designs of RETRO Video Game System Shown, New Developer Confirmed

We recently covered the new, upcoming, retro inspired console, the RETRO Video Game System and now, we have a bit more information on it.  For one, we have confirmed another developer as they have stepped forward publicly and announced they are developing for this new platform.  Also, we have gotten a photo of the prototype system and controller. 

First the new developer that has recently come forward.  Before we reveal this person, I feel the need to stress that this is not a guarantee that the company he does public relations work for is affiliated with the RETRO Video Game System.  John Lester, aka Gamester81, has stepped forward on his personal Facebook account and stated that he is indeed developing the pack-in title for this new console.  John Lester declined an interview concerning his involvement with the RETRO Video Game System at this time.

John Lester is currently the head of public relations for Collectorvision.  We have not received word if Collectorvision will be developing for this console or not. I just received confirmation from Jean-Francois Dupuis, owner of Collectorvision, that CV is indeed working on the pack-in game.  Now to find out what game that is…

Mike Kennedy, the founder of RETRO Magazine and the RETRO Video Game System has posted a picture of a prototype of the RETRO VGS on his personal Facebook account.  The picture is below.  As you will see in that picture is the controller.  Considering the nature of the system and the era of hardware they are shooting for, the controller is fitting.  It appears to be a combination of the Super Nintendo and Xbox controller with dual analog sticks along the top.  This is an interesting design that probably will be easy for gamers of most generations to acclimate themselves to.


Prototype of the RETRO Video Game System

If you look closely on the picture of the controller there you will see what appears to be a mini/micro USB port on the bottom.  This means that the controller probably comes with a rechargeable battery of some sort (and explain why there are no wires).  At this angle of the console we cannot see the controller port area, other than it is an indention in the front.  If the controllers are wireless this would, obviously, be the place for the sensor to go.  This also leaves open speculation concerning just how many controllers the console will accept at one time (will it be 1, 2, 3, 4 or more?).

On second thought, just look at the Wii/Wii U Pro Controller below, that seems to be the controller the RETRO Video Game System will be using.  Not sure if that is a final decision or not.  Hopefully, if it is they are getting a good deal on them wholesale because on Amazon these puppies go for about $50 new.

What do you all think about this design?

Mike Kennedy Facebook
John Lester Facebook

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