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Game Release- Flapee Bird Released on Intellivision by Collectorvision

Okay, we have not covered Flappy Bird, or a clone, in a good while so here is a bit of news on a new Flappy Bird clone.  Collectorvision have released, on physical cartridge, their Flappy Bird clone, Flapee Bird, for the Intellivision console.  For those that do not know, the Intellivision console is no longer in production, hasn’t been for a couple of decades now. 

Flappy Bird, or a clone of it, has seen release on more platforms than Pac-Man has.  Some platforms that have a freaking Flappy Bird game, but not Pac-Man, include the Virtual Boy, Super Grafx and the Vectrex.  This is pretty wild.

post-19433-0-68088400-1423458918The team at Collectorvision are obviously burning the candle at both ends to get all of the stuff they work on done.  These guys must literally not sleep as they are working on many games for many classic platforms.

The Intellivision version of Flapee Bird is limited to 100 copies, at least right now.  A possible reprint could happen in the future which would probably have a different box style, sticker on the cartridge or some other distinguishing characteristic.  This first run is limited to the “Mattel” style, no information is available as to what that means at this time.

post-19433-0-75987500-1423455842Buyers of the Intellivision version of Flapee Bird will receive the box, cartridge, two overlays and the manual.  This is a full on commercial release, not just the cartridge like most homebrews are released these days.  Shipping of Flapee Bird for the Intellivision will begin in April 2015 with the ROM seeing release around six to twelve months after.

post-19433-0-95511600-1423458919The cost of Flapee Bird on the Intellivision is $55 per copy plus $12 for shipping within the United States and Canada ($3 per additional copy).  Shipping to Europe is $18, $3 per additional copy).

To order head over to the Atari Age forums and place your order.

Carl Williams

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