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New Game- Atari Jaguar Gets Jagmatch Game, Roll Your Own Files Available

The Atari Jaguar, the final console from the company that arguably started the console market.  Sure, there were other consoles prior to the Atari 2600 but that debut console for the fledgling company started the console wars.  The problem is, Atari is also credited with being the company to end the first console war.  With the Jaguar though, it was supposed to be different, the problem is, it wasn’t.  Gamers were just not interested in playing upgraded versions of nearly 20 year old games (though Tempest 2000 was pretty sweet).  Even though the Atari Jaguar was a commercial failure that has not stopped homebrew developers from keeping the console alive and well (as evidenced here).  Jagmatch is just such a creation, the cool thing is, the developer has left it open so you can make your own version.

Jagmatch is not a Bejeweled clone (I thought it was based on name) but rather a memory style game.  For those that do not remember what Memory it is a simple card game.  All of cards are turned face down, picking one gives you a look at the face of the card and then you have to find the one that matches it.  As you play things become easier as long as you can remember where the matches are.

Atari Jaguar Jagmatch homebrew retro memory retrogaming gameSince this is a CD-ROM title you will need a Jaguar CD to play, or a capable emulator.  There is a ROM file in BIN format which will run on flash carts, if you have one, for the Atari Jaguar.  The developer is doing their best to make sure people can play his game.

Speaking of going above and beyond, the source code for Jagmatch and the necessary files are also available on the website.  There are also directions on how to create your own version of Jagmatch and make it work on the actual hardware.

Source: Sebastion Mihai’s website via Atari Age

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