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Bandit Gaming- Wipeout Ported to Atari 2600

When the Sony Playstation hit way back in the mid 1990’s it was a seminal release.  Sony was new to the console world and their aim was to be as different from the competition and what came before as possible.  One way this was accomplished was through requiring, through their stringent approval process, mainly 3D games.  There were the occasional 2D releases but they were few and far between on Sony’s inaugural console.  One title that struck a chord with gamers was Wipeout.  Psygnosis were not a new company but they were, for the most part, new to North American gamers, they happen to be the company behind Wipeout.

Wiepout 2600 bandit gaming retrogaming retro Atari Age (2)Other than the graphics, gamers that took the plunge with Wipeout were treated to a tour de force in the sensation of speed.  This series is known for the feeling of speed, the feeling of powering a hover sled around the tracks at breakneck momentum.  Another key component of Wipeout is the ability to blow your opponents up with the included weaponry, provided you pick it up.

Wiepout 2600 bandit gaming retrogaming retro Atari Age (3)Retro Lord, an Atari Age forum member, has taken up the challenge of porting Wipeout to the Atari 2600.  Wipeout 2600 is just what you would expect, a racing game with a timer and weapons and plenty of opportunity to blow up the other racers.  Wipeout 2600 is an overhead racing title so don’t come here thinking you are going to see anything near what the original was like.

Wiepout 2600 bandit gaming retrogaming retro Atari Age (1)You have to keep replenishing your time by hitting the correct pads on the track while shooting your opponents.  You earn points by either blowing up the other racers or by successfully passing them.  The choice is yours but you get more points for the, obviously, more dangerous option.

This is a pretty good facsimile of the Playstation classic reproduced on the Atari 2600.

Source: Atari Age

Carl Williams

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