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New Game- Zombi Terror Brings The Walking Dead Adventuring to Classic Computers

The Walking Dead is an interesting hit for A&E Television, a station that is kind of new to the zombie genre.  On one hand it is completely outside of their comfort zone for content and on the other it fits right in with the current motif of action shows.  The team at Kabuto Factory are certainly fans of the genre as proven by their recent release, Zombi Terror for a ton of platforms.

The cool thing about the release of Zombi Terror is that it has been made available on many platforms.  The full list below:

Zombi Terror Kabuto Factory adventure point and click Walking Dead Windows MSX Commodore Spectrum (2)Spectrum (tzx) – Versión en castellano
Spectrum (tzx) – English version
Commodore 64 (tap) – English version
Commodore 64 (tap) – Spanish version
Sinclair ZX81 16k (p) – English version
MSX (dsk) – Versión en castellano
MSX (dsk) – English version
PC Windows – Español/English
Sega Megadrive (smd) – English only
Banda sonora (mp3) – Original Sountrack (mp3) (Creative Commons license)

As you can see Zombi Terror is available in English and Spanish for certain versions.  That is awesome as we don’t often see dual language releases like this.  Another cool point about Zombi Terror is that for the PC, Sega (CD), Spectrum and Commodore 64 versions you can order physical copies.  A big thank you to the team at Kabuto Factory for this.

Zombi Terror Kabuto Factory adventure point and click Walking Dead Windows MSX Commodore Spectrum (1)Zombi Terror is an adventure title that mixes the oldschool graphics at the top of the screen and action text at the bottom model.  This was popularized in the mid to late 1980’s as computers progressed in power.  Titles in this genre include Uninvited, Déjà vu 1 and 2 and Shadowgate to name a few.

Battle mechanics are based on the dice roll that Dungeons and Dragons gamers will be familiar with.  Zombi Terror definitely brings a new take on this style of adventure game, and a ton of platforms for gamers to play it on.

Download information after the jump. Pictures are of the Windows version of Zombi Terror sourced from Kabuto Factory.

Source: Indie Retro News

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